GITME: did you did your 'git commit' today ?

gitme recursively parses your home directory and analyse the result of git status on each directory containing .git. It warns you when a directory needs a git commit and give a list of the untracked files. Proposes you to add them in .gitignore.

A small graphical interface is written in Qt.

Installation and compilation

What it does

A list of directories that are not clean git repository (untracked or modified files) is displayed. Clicking on one of them opens a dialog window that helps you to - add files in .gitignore - track files - make a 'git commit -a' - see git diff - ...

Very basic graphical interface

Here is an example of the main window listing the forgotten directories awaiting for some love :

Alt text

Alt text

Here is the window helping with git in the repository gitme. You see that is modified and that there are new files that I can add to .gitignore or track.

Alt text

Alt text

We can also