LORA : a backup program

Lora will loop over your $HOME directory and * backup it.

This is libre software. Feel free to contribute, report bugs and donate (in the sense of free beer).



./lora will backup your $HOME directory using the backup and purge paths found in 'lora.cfg'


For reading the configuration file myconfig.cfg instead of lora.cfg :

    ./lora --configuration=myconfig.cfg


The main feature is : the backup copy is only a copy. You can browse it with your favorite file browser and get a file back with a simple copy. You do not require a special software for getting back your data.

As an example, let us show how work the backup of $HOME=/home/daniel

We choose :

Typically, /mnt/baka is the mount point of an encrypted external disk.

Lora loops over the files and repertories of /home/daniel and creates a copy into /mnt/baka/backup.

At the end of the process, the directories /home/daniel and /mnt/baka/backup are the same (except for the excluded directories).

When making the backup of the file /home/daniel/bar/foo.txt,

Thus the backup is incremental in the sense that the old version of a modified files is still available in a directory whose name is the date and the hour of the backup.

ATTENTION : There is no mechanism to suppress old file. Thus the size of directory /mnt/baka/purge is always increasing. This is by purpose : I prefer not have an automated way to suppress data. Consequence : some segmentation faults are triggered by "disk full". This is the user's responsibility to know what to suppress.

Trying to exclude a non-existing directory throws an error (when reading the configuration file). The reason roots in the following user case. Let suppose I don't want to backup /home/daniel/videos/dvd (containing .VOB files) because it is very large and not really important. I add the line exclude=/home/daniel/videos/dvd in the configuration file. Now I change the directory name to /home/daniel/vidéos/dvd (add an accent on "vidéo"). Then the backup process will copy the whole directory /home/daniel/vidéo and purge /videos. This is yet not really optimal, but copying the subdirectory /home/daniel/vidéos/dvd is REALLY what we don't want to do.

When something strange happens, better to crash than silently manage the situation.


Lora loops over the directory /mnt/baka/backup and checks if these files correspond to files in /home/daniel. When looking at /mnt/backa/backup/blah/stuff.tex

By the way, Lora has very bad performance against renaming a directory : in the first pass, it copy everything and in the second pass, it move the whole to the purge directory.