My programming page

You can find my realisations and their documentation on my github account.

Python, Sage


The module phystricks is a Python2 module using Sage. It serves to generate tikz code ready to be included in you LaTeX document.

This module allows you to create arbitrarily complex pictures using python and Sage and include them in LaTeX; all the math is performed by Sage and LaTeX is left with only points and segments. You are thus not restricted by the LaTeX’s internal limitation about programming and computations.

The point is that you do not have to know anything about Tikz or any programming/drawing from the LaTeX side.



The program finitediff will be an implementation of the finite difference method for solving differential equations. It is also my sandbox for experiment the numerical methods that I studied.


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lora is my backup program. It synchronizes a backup of your home directory while keeping a copy of modified and removed files. Thus you never loose data. It is written in C++.

Sources and documentation on github


gitme recursively parses you home directory and avises you when a git repository needs a “git commit” or an update of the “.gitignore”.

Sources and documentation on github



actors is a generic actor system written in Java with as a Maven project for the course of concurrent and distributed computing at the Padua university.

Sources and documentation on github


frtex is an implementation of the previous actor system. The aim is to recursively replace all in a LaTeX document by its content. frtex provides a class LatexCode with a method getExplicitCode that returns the answer as a String. The actor system is created under the hood, while the end user only deals with his LatexCode instance.

Sources and documentation on github


As an exercice, I am writing my my blog in PHP. All the sources are on github.